Saturday, May 2, 2009

can i??

I wish i could be by ur side for one more minute
I could look at you earnestly and sincerely

I wish i could be by ur side for one more day
I could sing more moving songs and tell more beautiful stories for you without feeling tired
When you are asleep I will look at your smiling face happily

I wish i could be by ur side for one more year
I will try my best to do everything I can for you

I wish i could be by ur side for the rest of my life
Nothing I will care about, nothing I will pay attention to
Only you, my only goal, is worthing struggling for, worthing fighting for

I wish i could be by ur side till the day when the world ends
You are the only one completely belonging to me and
I am the only one completely belonging to you
We two, together, build a small place to live in
No more sorrow, no more hurt again

I wish i can be the BEST GIRL for him forever,,,
can i??


HaninFarshid said... can :)

ummul said...

i hope i hope i hope...=)

ZiLoT said...

yeah,,kamu boleh!!!


ummul said...


kiter sume pun boleh!


Loving a Sailor isn't much fun
but its worth the price when the battle is won.
And remember he's thinking of you every day,
he's sad and he's lonely while so far away.
So love him and miss him and hold your head high,
Be strong and have faith, wipe that tear from your eye.
Your man's a seafarer, like that old ancient trader,
It's a high price you pay for loving a Sailor.


dEQna said...

cayeelahh sys!!

ayat yg mengharukan..hu3

ummul said...

caya jgn x caya deqna!!
ok, sila berase terharu,,,


Anonymous said...

can i??

(p/s:ceh nbila..prasan la kau..opss..terckp kat dri sndri..=>)

ummul said...


owh nabila dah bersuara nmpknye!

kak ummul tau nabila pun boleh..=)

ain husna said...


nice meeting u.nice blog btw.

erm dun wuri, u;ll owez b his best girl ;)

ummul said...


nice meeting u too..=)

i hope so..=)

emm.. kne cedok ilmu kasih syg byk2 lg dr k.ain neh!


farah ariff said...

ye ye anda pasti boleh :D

ummul said...

hi k.farah!

welcome n thanks sudi singgah di sini..=)

insyaAllah,, sy cuba yg terbaik..=)

time kasih tuk insan2 berjiwa besar yg sntiasa menyokong!

eh apsal ayat berkobar2 mcm ahli politik?


tashamomo said...

bile mau update entry baru???


ummul said...

owh tasha,,,

bkn x mau tp aku rasa ko pun pasti tau betapa bizinya aku & kamu dlm shari dua neh!bz tahap power rangers!

tasha,,, aku nevesssss!!

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! u can do it!

go mul go!

nice words!

ummul said...


thanks! =)

i'll try to give my best,,,


go ummul go!

go n achieve ur dreams!